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Thursday, February 12, 2015

SEVEN Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Me - A Daily Mail Feature

I spurned the love of Peter O’Toole

Barbara Taylor Bradford
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Barbara Taylor Bradford, novelist
Barbara Taylor Bradford, novelist
1. I only have one number in my mobile phone — my husband Bob’s! I only use my mobile out during the day and the only person who I ever need to contact is Bob. There is no need for anyone else to know where I am. I’m not interested in putting hundreds of contacts into my mobile as most social calls are done in the comfort of my own home on my landline.
2. As a fledgling reporter on the Yorkshire Evening Post I was constantly dodging another reporter on the Yorkshire Evening News, who was forever chasing me and asking me out. I wasn’t interested, but some years later I saw him again — starring in Lawrence of Arabia. Peter O’Toole hadn’t looked like that back in Leeds, although he’d had those great blue eyes. That night at the cinema, looking up at the screen, I wondered why I had spurned him.
3. I’m a secret interior designer and love creating rooms. I have even decorated homes for friends — for free! Few people know I wrote four books on decorating before becoming a novelist. I even had a syndicated design column in 200 newspapers in the U.S.
4. I have almost total recall and a prodigious memory. My husband warns people not to tell me something that they might want me to forget later, because I won’t. I can still quote back to him the first words he ever said to me 51 years ago: ‘Jeanne sends her love.’ Jeanne was a mutual friend who had suggested we meet as she thought we would hit it off — and we did.
5. I have a fear of water and will only swim in a pool where my feet can touch the bottom. I think it’s due to almost drowning when I was two years old.
Barbara spurned the advances of a young Peter O’Toole (pictured in Lawrence of Arabia) while they were both working at the Yorkshire Evening Post
Barbara spurned the advances of a young Peter O’Toole (pictured in Lawrence of Arabia) while they were both working at the Yorkshire Evening Post
My aunt and uncle had taken me for a day out to the River Nidd near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. While my aunt was knitting and my uncle was fishing further down the bank, they lost sight of me. When they finally found me it was with my head popping up and down, drowning in the river. By the time they reached me the hem of my white dress had caught on a tree — saving my life. On returning home, they confessed to my parents and my mother never let them take me out again.
6. While I have some fabulous jewellery from my husband, two of my favourite bracelets were given to me by Joan Rivers, who was a great friend of mine for 20 years. They were from the collection she designed for the QVC shopping channel and made of turquoise enamel banded in gold. At one particular dinner, Joan was admiring my jewellery and said it was too valuable to wear on holiday. Two days later, two shopping bags arrived full of earrings, bracelets and a watch. In private, Joan was genteel, decorous, elegant and never vulgar.
7. I got my skincare routine from my friend, the late Evelyn Lauder — who was the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder and helped develop the company’s skin care and make-up, including coming up with the Clinique brand. While her business was selling products, her big tip was ‘don’t use one cream all the time’ as your skin gets used to it. I’ve taken that advice since and my dermatologist recently remarked that I had one of the most fabulous skins she had ever seen, which made my day!
Barbara Taylor Bradford’s The Cavendon Women is out March 24, 2015 (HarperCollins £16.99).

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Actor Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne's performance in The Theory Of Everything is not only brilliant but so shockingly perfect it is beyond belief.

Two Academy Awards, two BAFTAs, not only one of each, and every other award given for acting, should go to this extraordinary actor, who plays Stephen Hawking, the world's greatest physicist, in his new movie.

My husband, Bob and I went to a private screening in New York on Monday night, and were actually unable to speak when the film ended. The silence in the theater was so intense it was a palpable thing... until the applause started. It was obvious the rest of the audience had reacted in the same way. Everyone was overwhelmed.

We walked out into the lobby stunned by our emotional reaction to Redmayne's acting, barely able to say a word to each other. My throat had closed and I was choked up with feelings. Bob felt the same. We walked down the street in a kind of daze. Then I began to cry. We were both in awe of the actor.

Eddie Redmayne brings acting genius to this difficult role. He becomes Stephen Hawking, and it is the performance of a lifetime. Hawking, a brilliant student at Cambridge, was struck down by motor-neuron disease at twenty-three. With the help of his fiance Jane, who married him, he somehow managed to meet the challenge and overcome it. He became a professor at Cambridge, and the world's foremost physicist who has endeavored to explain the universe to us. One of his books, A Brief History Of Time, has sold ten million copies.

The extraordinary thing about Redmayne is that in the film he goes from playing Stephen as a handsome student to a crippled man with twisted limbs and a contorted face.

It is a miracle of acting of the highest order, and from the very beginning of this beautifully-made film we believed that Eddie was Stephen. 

This is one of those MUST SEE films. Don't miss it. Eddie Redmayne is heart-stopping.

The Theory Of Everything opens November 7th in North America, and on January 2nd in the UK.
View the movie trailer here: The Theory Of Everything - Movie Trailer

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Publishing Update - Autumn 2014

As we enter the season of celebrations, and in response to your many queries, I've decided to update you on my publishing program.

I begin with eBooks...

1) HIDDEN has been a # 1 eBook bestseller in the UK for more than six months, and is still top-ten in North America. This is my debut novella (short story), and it is currently being prepared as a 2-hour TV movie.
An Amazon exclusive.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer 2014 Update & My New eBook Novella

Just a quick note to say sorry for not updating my blog of late.  I’m juggling lots of exciting things at the moment and wish there were more hours in the day!  Bob and I have just moved into our new apartment in New York City and we are all now beginning to get settled in. Moving is a mammoth task as any of you will know.

I’m also delighted to say that I've got a new eBook which is about to be published in August called Treacherous.   It’s a novella I wrote earlier this year and perfect to read as you head on your holidays this summer.  My publicist emailed me as she had an advanced copy and said she read the book in one sitting and loved the characters and exciting story.  I hope you will too!  
I’m also deep into writing Cavendon Women, the sequel to Cavendon Hall.  This will be published in early 2015.
Treacherous -- My New eBook Novella

I must get back to my desk now, but will post more once I've finished writing the new book. I'ts my thirtieth.  In the meantime, I do hope you enjoy Treacherous.

Wishing you all a great summer.

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cavendon Hall Cocktail Party Hosted By Vanessa Noel - June 5th, 2014

Renowned women's shoe designer, Vanessa Noel last night gave a cocktail reception in my honor, and to celebrate the success of CAVENDON HALL. The party was attended by some 300 well-known New Yorkers, toasting my new novel, and the announcement from London yesterday that my eBook novella, HIDDEN, has returned to # 1 position on the Amazon charts.

Among the applauding guests was Arthur Klebanoff, the President of Rosetta Books, who publishes my Woman Of Substance series in e-book format. The Emma Harte series seems to meet the same success as the above-mentioned HIDDEN.

The gathering seemed delighted to hear that The Cavendon Women, the sequel to Cavendon Hall, will soon be published in England and in North America.

What a great evening it was.
That's me with L.A. Talk Radio Host Max Tucci, who was
instrumental in organizing this book party. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you know a Literacy Hero?

I’m supporting the National Literacy Trust’s search for Literacy Heroes and believe it’s important to inspire and give confidence to the next generation to develop their literacy skills.

New National Literacy Trust research out today shows that more children are embarrassed to be seen reading and that they’re reading less regularly than ever before. See

Anyone can be a Hero. A young person or adult who’s overcome challenges; an author who’s inspired people to read; a teacher or librarian; a volunteer in your local community; or even a celebrity.

My Literacy hero is:

Freda Taylor & Barbara Taylor (Age 3)
My mother, Freda Taylor
My mother is my literary hero. She had a great love of books, and because of her, so do I. When I was small she taught me to read, and when I first went to nursery, I was the only child in the class who could do that. I was four and a half years old. She soon got me a library card at our local public library. I was five, or six at the time. Books became part of my life as a little girl. And they still are today.
She helped me to tackle the classics, and by the time I was twelve I had read most of Charles Dickens’ books and those by Charlotte, Emily and Ann Bronte. As a special treat, she would often take me to the Parsonage in Haworth where the sisters grew up. I was fascinated by their childhood writings, which were on display. In a certain way they were my inspiration, as was my mother.
Why not give a child you know a book and help them to learn to read it? Or an adult who needs help for that matter? You will introduce them to captivating places created by a writer's talent and imagination, and give them pleasure. 

Who’s your Literacy hero? Nominate today at:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Beautiful Little Bichon, Chammi, Has Gone To Doggie Heaven

Our beautiful little Bichon, Chammi, jumped onto a twinkling star on Saturday night (September 21) and went up to Doggie Heaven. Waiting for her was Beaji, her beloved companion of a lifetime, whom she had missed so much. Beaji had gone ahead three years ago, much to our sorrow.

Chammi became ill unexpectedly on Friday evening (Sept 20) and was rushed into the Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital, one of the best in Manhattan. She had suffered a seizure. Our wonderful vet, Dr. Barbara Kalvig was in constant touch with the doctors at the hospital, and with Mohamed, who runs our household, and looks after Chammi when we are away. Chammi was seventeen years old, but with her glossy white fur and sparkling brown eyes she looked like a puppy, and everyone remarked on her beauty.

We were in Los Angeles when this happened, but we caught a plane on Saturday morning and were back in time to say farewell to our darling pet, who had “written” so many books with me. Now, when Bob and I look up at the stars at night we can see Chammi nuzzling Beaji, as she always did. They are reunited at last. We will miss them both, but they will always be in our hearts.