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Friday, March 8, 2013

In Marriage There Is No Love Without Respect

I just read the article in yesterday’s Daily Mail (UK) by British reality TV contestant, Katie Hopkins about her husband.  I laughed out loud when she wrote that everything I said in my recent Daily Mail feature about my formula for a long-lasting marriage was tosh!  First of all she doesn't know me and has never met me.   My friends will tell you that I am opinionated, outspoken and very independent.  I tell everyone what I think whether they like it or not, and that includes my husband Bob.   What I was explaining in the piece I wrote for the Daily Mail last Saturday was that I think that respect and good manners are terribly important in the most intimate relationship of all – a marriage.

If you are going to be nasty to each other, why stay married?  Katie Hopkins says she adores her husband.  So do I – adore Bob – and he deserves it.  He loves me, spoils me, protects me, defends me and manages my career.  And yes, he too can be difficult, argumentative, and somewhat bossy.  That’s why I call his Bismarck!  Nobody is perfect but I believe that being nice to people you love is tremendously important whether that is your husband, a relative or a friend.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with that although Katie Hopkins seems to think there is.  The world we live in today is worse than it has even been and dangerous.  It is also full of a lot of unkind, destructive, and anti-social people who make life miserable for everyone, especially their families.    It’s bad enough our there without creating unnecessary conflict in the home.  For the record, I don’t bite my tongue, I don’t creep around Bob, and I don’t keep the peace if I think it is necessary to say what I think.  And bringing ‘generation’ into it is a load of tosh! It’s nothing to do with how old you are, it’s to do with character.Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE

 Happily ever after: Barbara writes romantic novels, and her life with husband Bob perhaps mirrors some of these

Here is the article link in the Daily Mail by Katie Hopkins:

I love my husband - but respect him? Don't make me laugh!

Novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford said the key to marriage was admiring your husband. What tosh, says KATIE HOPKINS

And here is the link to my original article in the Daily Mail that Ms. Hopkins has referenced:
Novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford's secret for lasting love? Always let your husband win the rows! 

Double act: Barbara Taylor Bradford and husband Bob pictured in 1979: their love has continued to grow into old age
Have a look at both features and let me know which recipe to marital success you would choose.