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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Actor Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne's performance in The Theory Of Everything is not only brilliant but so shockingly perfect it is beyond belief.

Two Academy Awards, two BAFTAs, not only one of each, and every other award given for acting, should go to this extraordinary actor, who plays Stephen Hawking, the world's greatest physicist, in his new movie.

My husband, Bob and I went to a private screening in New York on Monday night, and were actually unable to speak when the film ended. The silence in the theater was so intense it was a palpable thing... until the applause started. It was obvious the rest of the audience had reacted in the same way. Everyone was overwhelmed.

We walked out into the lobby stunned by our emotional reaction to Redmayne's acting, barely able to say a word to each other. My throat had closed and I was choked up with feelings. Bob felt the same. We walked down the street in a kind of daze. Then I began to cry. We were both in awe of the actor.

Eddie Redmayne brings acting genius to this difficult role. He becomes Stephen Hawking, and it is the performance of a lifetime. Hawking, a brilliant student at Cambridge, was struck down by motor-neuron disease at twenty-three. With the help of his fiance Jane, who married him, he somehow managed to meet the challenge and overcome it. He became a professor at Cambridge, and the world's foremost physicist who has endeavored to explain the universe to us. One of his books, A Brief History Of Time, has sold ten million copies.

The extraordinary thing about Redmayne is that in the film he goes from playing Stephen as a handsome student to a crippled man with twisted limbs and a contorted face.

It is a miracle of acting of the highest order, and from the very beginning of this beautifully-made film we believed that Eddie was Stephen. 

This is one of those MUST SEE films. Don't miss it. Eddie Redmayne is heart-stopping.

The Theory Of Everything opens November 7th in North America, and on January 2nd in the UK.
View the movie trailer here: The Theory Of Everything - Movie Trailer

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