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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome To The BTB Blog

A big hello to all my readers, fans and now followers of my blog. It's amazing how technology keeps evolving! I went from having one website, to adding a second one for UK readers, then a YouTube channel for video content, two Facebook pages and a MySpace page for "social media," a LinkedIn profile for professional networking... and now a blog to do... well, whatever blogs are good for.

I guess one thing they are good for is posting ideas and features on anything from the novels I write to the books I read by other authors. Then there's my take on current events. I did begin my career as a journalist, and I do still write newspaper features from time to time. I thought it might be fun to share my thoughts on the news and news-makers when time allows.

It will also be great to get your instant feedback on my "blog comments." So, by all means, feel free to chime in with your posts and questions in this forum.

I look forward to this exciting new venture and to everyone's participation.
Happy reading,

Barbara Taylor Bradford


  1. Just want to say I love your Books! You are a great Lady! Best Wishes from London!...

  2. Love this and will keep up with it.. Hope you see you in Texas sometime Barbara.. It's been too Long... hugs, Yvonne

  3. I see that you are working on another novel - Letter from Stranger. I wish you would do what you do best -- a family trilogy like WOS.